We are a species addicted to story. Even when the body goes to sleep, the mind stays up all night, telling itself stories.

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I’m a sucker for a good story, but I bet you are too. We have been wired to savor tales of struggle and triumph since our earliest gatherings around a fire. Ashton Eaton’s rise from local track star to two-time Olympic champion is inspirational. Dorothy’s journey to Oz and Luke Skywalker’s quests are iconic. Stories create an affinity to any person or brand. You may not even like beer, but I’m sure you are touched by the puppy finding its way home in the Budweiser commercial.

Callicott Social PR is based upon this principle, using story to deeply connect you with your tribe, those people you most care about reaching and serving.

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With posts that are authentic, relatable and relevant, your engagement on such platforms as Facebook, Linked In and Instagram will skyrocket. You simply need to know what, why and when to post to create a thriving online presence.

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I help you see what low-hanging fruit you might pursue in your target communities. We’ll consider and evaluate natural alliances with businesses that share similar audiences, local nonprofits, relevant community and business organizations, and local events that reach your target demographics. The sky’s the limit on out-of- the-box ways to get you known as the expert that you are.

What I find most successful is when my clients and I work as team. After several months of working together, you will know how to create your own campaigns that reflect your values, communication style, and expertise. If you desire to go it alone, you’ll have the tools to manage your own social media posts, naturally. You will also know when something is worthy of media coverage. And, I am happy to continue doing all of this work in partnership with you.

Web copy, blog posts, brochures, and more. I have a passion for language. Finding the right words to convey what clients wish to express fires me up. So, give me a shot at that web copy, blog post, or email newsletter, and I will go at it, like a terrier with a bone, until only the essential remains on the page.


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